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Cape Town based Eco Furniture Design specialises in lifestyle​ furniture & ​décor incorporating three critical elements in their designs to create stylish, high quality ​solid wooden ​furniture that is both functional and affordable.From the inception of a simple idea, every sought-after piece we’ve produced has had to meet all three requirements: Client’s specific needs, sustainable raw materials, and design functionality.The result? A stunning range of affordable, high-quality furniture, and an abundance of ​satisfied​ customers. Our concepts embrace a blend of rustic and contemporary styles, which are truly enhanced by our passion to work closely with clients on custom designs that suit their exacting requirements.Fall in love with a piece from our ever growing collection, or we can work together to design and build bespoke furniture that will live in your home forever.Our sustainably sourced timbers include : Blackwood , Saligna , Oregon Pine , SA Pine , various reclaimed timbers , Yellowwood , Cape Holly , Stinkwood , Rosewood and Cottonwood. We can also incorporate steel , glass and upholstered elements on request. New furniture arrives in store on a weekly basis so check in with us as often as you like – otherwise you may order via our online store.

Popular Products:

Dining Tables, Bookshelves & Wall Display Units, Beds and Bedroom Furniture, Chairs and Benches, Office Furniture, Chests & Utility Units with Drawers, Children’s furniture and custom designs, Coffee Tables and TV Stands & Servers

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